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It doesn’t get any better than this...
It doesn’t get any better than this...
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5 Tips For Winter Grilling

Here’s our top 5 winter grilling tips:

1. Plenty of charcoal or propane on hand: It’s not fun to run out of propane or charcoal anytime you’re grilling, but it’s especially inconvenient in the winter when you want the cooking to finish as quickly as possible. When you know you are going to grill, double check your propane levels or check that you have enough charcoal. Speaking of charcoal, if you live in an area that is extremely cold in the winter, buy extra charcoal as summer is winding down as some stores carry less (or no) inventory of it.

2. Clear path: The last thing you want to do is slip and fall carrying that plate of gorgeous steaks. It’s important to have your grill away from your house and any combustible materials, which means that your path from door to grill might be wet or icy. Be sure to shovel and salt your path, if necessary, before any grilling starts.

3. Plenty of light: One of the great things about summer is longer days and the sun is still shining when it’s time to cook dinner. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury in the winter. Having a light outside is ideal, but if it’s not close to where you grill, you may want a quality grill light to allow hands-free lighting.

4. Use a wireless meat thermometer: Keeping your grill closed as much as possible is important in the winter because too much opening and closing will continue to reduce the temperature inside. Having a good meat thermometer can save you from having to repeatedly open the grill to check the temperature and is especially useful when grilling large pieces of meat or smoking.

5. Dress warm: Having gloves that allow easy movement of your fingers is ideal. You will also want warm clothing and a jacket that keeps you warm is essential.  For us, this meant a brand new jacket with Teflon Brand coating for David. Not only does his jacket keep him warn during our winter grilling, but the Teflon coating is proving to repel dirt and moisture that he encounters outside while cooking.

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