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It doesn’t get any better than this...
It doesn’t get any better than this...
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The Easiest Way To Peel The Garlic


1. Separate the cloves.

Position a knife flat side-down over a whole head of cloves. Press down to release cloves.

2. Smash it!

Lay a garlic clove on its side on a cutting board. Position a chef's knife over garlic, flat side-down. Holding the handle of the knife with one hand, use the heel of your other hand to smack the knife with considerable force. You could also use your weight to press down and smash the clove. 

3. Peel it.

IF the skin isn't off already. Anything left on the clove should be very loose and basically falling off.


Congrats! You've just peeled a garlic clove. It should've taken all of 2 seconds. If not, smash another one to practice.

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